About 20 jears ago I started to buit my own kitchen. It started with a locker
and step by step the kitchen grew. It costs me bout 4 jears to built it next to
my job as a graphic designer and with a family with two kids.. In my head
was the design of the kitchen. The rest was fit, measure and count. The sizes
of the shelves I had drawn on a paper. At the Gamma
the nice guys sawed
that for me fine from Birch plywood. The rest was a matter of screwing together,
sanding and varnishing. For the hood I made a conversion and at the blacksmith
I let made a stainless steel hood where in I installed the collector. Somewhere
and sometimes helped by my adolescent son. In the end the plumber has
installed the the kitchen sink and the plumbing. Meanwhile I made the counter
top and sawed there openings in for the sink and the stove. I had two weeks
of vacation for recorded to the kitchen. All these years the kitchen
does his
service. Meanwhile, again sanded and varnished. But the wire glass against
the back wall is never materialized. Who knows, the glass ever will come.